Peru’s economy grew at the slowest pace in two years in April (…) … BUT:  Gold output rose 19.4 percent as Toronto-based Barrick Gold Corp. doubled output on the mid-2005 start-up of its second Peruvian mine and Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp. increased production at its Yanacocha mine by 14.3 percent. more infos: FreshPlaza

Mmmmhh, this blog is getting more and more kind of news filter… I hope on day I will have time to comment everything a little bit. Furthermore I wonder, if it really was a good choice to write in English. One the one hand I thought it would be a good idea to reach a more international audience on day (nice dream, is´t it?), on the other hand my English is really bad and a lot of people interested in this topic are speaking Spanish. So what???