A Blogger called Erich about Yanacocha, Cajamarca:

En cajamarca

estuve un poco aburrido

vi la mina de Yanacocha

y si es horrible

ya pondre las fotos

digo horrible

porque es


como las minas cambian

la naturaleza

la mina no me importo tanto

en fin

ellos estan haciendo las cosas


por proteger en lo que se pueda

el medio ambiente

I was a little bit bored in Cajamarca. I saw the mine Yanacocha and yes, it´s horrible. I will put the fotos one day. I say it´s horrible, because it´s brutal how mining changes the nature. But I don´t care so much, because in the end they are doing in protect the enviroment as good as possible.

Well, I guess there are people who would like to discuss this with you … for examle these .