Newmont Mining Corporation published a very interesting articel on it´s webpage: How much influence have media campaigns (New York Times) or NGOs like Friends of the Earth or Oxfam on the mining industry in countries like Peru. In the article is also on focus on Yanacocha, Cajamarca.

           The publicity will create new pressures for all gold mining companies. (…) 

Groups like Oxfam America and Earthworks, who have been at the core of the “No Dirty Gold Campaign,” should see a boon in media attention and increased funding. This campaign will make both groups even more formidable opponents in the marketplace. We expect other local, national and international groups to join the campaign given the rising momentum. NGOs will have more resources to mobilize communities and communities will have an even greater incentive to voice their opposition in light of the media coverage.(Read more here)

Source: Tthe Northern Miner,

Commentary: Taking on PBS and the New York Times – 10/21/2005

By Alex Gorbansky and Alex Turkeltaub