Public Agenda  reports about Newmont Gold Ghana, Ltd. which sets to start pouring in the beginning of July. The focus of the article is on the really good Public Relation Strategy Newmont is using… ” Mawuena Dumor, Newmont’s Public Relations Officer for Ghana, is welcoming, well-coiffed, and well-prepared for any question our group of 20 Accra-based journalists might have. (…) We have been very public about how we respond to incidents. We go to the family, understand what the issues are, and take care of hospital bills in a manner that is socially acceptable.”

But then – the article changed it´s point of view… Mining ist socially acceptable…  “Rebecca Konadu would argue differently. Hit by a Newmont driver while trying to cross the road, Rebecca has bled for two months now. Her back is covered in bruises, and she is unable to afford the medicine her local doctor prescribed.” (…) 
“She is totally deformed,” says her father. “She can’t go to farm. She can’t go to work.”
Rebecca says the driver of the vehicle that knocked her down came to her home with two others, to drop off one million cedis. Rebecca is asking for 50 million.”

The Public Relations Officers of Newmont insist that they never have heart about Rebecca. Now they have to act… Complex times for Newmont