Reuters   reported that “Peruvian peasants have taken two mine workers hostage at Latin America’s biggest gold pit, Yanacocha, to demand jobs following protests in which a farmer died.
At Atahuallpa  Redux a British Student is thinking about this “demand on jobs” and cames to the following conclusion:

This environmental record suggests to me that the major motivation for the protesters is not to beg for scarce jobs – i’m sure that there would be work aplenty if the ecosystem had not been ravaged by gold mining. The motivation is more likely a repulsion against environmental degradation, and fear for local people’s livelihoods should Newmont expand still further.

Also in Ghana Newmont mentioned – just some weeks ago – the demand for jobs as main reason for protests of local communities.
“The community noticed that the number of people they employed were far less than the number promised [by Newmont]”. (The Heritage) Also in this case “the police and soldiers invaded the community and arrested, beat, drilled and harassed several innocent members of the community.” Enviromental issues also in this case are not mentioned.

I´m not sure that there is a relationship, but it´s strange that there two very similar explanations for two very similar, very sad happenings.