Yanacocha / Newmont / Cajamarca: After the death of a Peruvian farmer during a prostest against the Goldmine Yanacocha the National Coordination of Human Rights is calling for an investigation.
You can read the full statement at the Blog of the NGO GRUFIDES.

In a press release FORZA , a security company contracted by Yanacocha, says that the weapons and the munition, seized by the National police, wouldn´t be illegal: “(…)la munición calibre 7.62 para armas de guerra es igual en forma y tamaño a la de calibre 3.08 (…)” (“the munition of caliber 7.62 for military use has the same size and form as caliber 3.08 for civil uses”). This is completely right – there are just little differences between both types of munition to distinguish them. (e.g. the star of OTAN).
In it´s press release FORZA does not mention the “6 pistolas, 9 mm de cañón largo” which also have been found and – according to first information – are also just for military use.