Newmont Mining Corp. / Indonesia.

The Jakarta Post (Jongker Rumteh)

An executive of Newmont Mining Corp.’s Indonesian subsidiary took the stand for the first time Friday since his trial began over a year ago, denying all pollution charges against his company (…).

Before a packed courtroom that included his wife, Newmont officials and reporters, Ness testified that company always obeyed the law, including on the environment. (….)
He insisted there was no pollution in Buyat Bay because the company was committed to conducting professional mining based on highest international standards and according to clear operational procedure standard. (…)
Ness faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted and his Denver-based company, Newmont Mining Corp., a possible fine of US$68,000.
 A police report showed that mercury and arsenic levels in the nearby bay were well beyond national standards, but tests by the WHO, government agencies and several independent groups found that pollutants in the water were within normal limits.

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