Somehow it´s sound´s very strange for me …. Protests of the month: Peruvian farmers protest Yanacocha Gold Mine.
But well, at least it can be seen as a kind of support from outside Peru.

For the August Protest of the Month, Stormy Petrel  recognizes the Peruvian farmers who blocked the roads to the Yanacocha mine, shutting down work at the largest gold mine in Latin America on Friday, August 25.

Stormy Petrel Protest of the Month is a reflection on the phenomenon of protest in current history. Stormy Petrel puts the spotlight on protests to pay tribute to Marie Equi’s protests, which are the main reason that we know about her life today. Protest of the Month began with a look at the strike by the National Education Workers’ Union in Oaxaca – a protest that led to unrest that continues today, according to MarketPlace Radio. Your nominations for Protest of the Month are welcome.