Paul Driessen and Javier Velasquez Quesquen don´t know no each other. But their have one thing in commun: They don´t like NGOs. That´s sure. Have a look at Driessens  point of view:

  1. Radical social and environmental activists, (…) simply don’t want globalization, foreign investment, mining or fossil fuel development. (…)
  2. [T]he agitators clearly have the political and PR savvy, Internet skills and sympathetic media contacts to spin even the most trumped-up charges into gold.
  3. They are forcing poor villagers to continue living in mud huts, burning dung, carrying and drinking tainted water, (…). But they’re not about to live that way themselves, or limit their own access to technologies that can support anti-corporate campaigns.
  4. They need to start behaving like any other big, wealthy, multinational corporation: responsibly, ethically, honestly, and with concern for both people and the environment.

Information about NGOs and Mining at the Homepage of Newmont Mining Corp.

Information about the campaign against NGOs en Peru, published by the Network of Human Right Defenders.