William Boyce Thompson, fundador de Newmont Mining Corporation, financiaba a Lenin y Trozki, por lo menos segun Antony C. Sutton.

William Boyce Thompson is an unknown name in twentieth-century history, yet Thompson played a crucial role in the Bolshevik Revolution. (…) Without the financial and, more important, the diplomatic and propaganda assistance given to Trotsky and Lenin by Thompson, (…), the Bolsheviks may well have withered away and Russia evolved into a socialist but constitutional society.
(…) Before leaving Russia in early December 1917 Thompson handed over the American Red Cross Mission to his deputy Raymond Robins. Robins then organized Russian revolutionaries to implement the Thompson plan for spreading Bolshevik propaganda in Europe (see Appendix 3). A French government document confirms this: “It appeared that Colonel Robins . . . was able to send a subversive mission of Russian bolsheviks to Germany to start a revolution there.”3 This mission led to the abortive German Spartacist revolt of 1918.


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