Usually I used my Blog to distribute kind of critical news about Newmont Mining Corp., because – as I feel – it´s behaviour in Cajamarca/ Peru is very different to what it´s supposed to be… Of course, sometimes Newmont behaved in a sustainable and responsible way… but – in my opinion – always too late… always happened something very bad before, always because there was pressure from NGOs and civil society to do things better. At least in Peru… This behaviour of Newmont in South America makes it very difficult for me to trust this company.

Writing my Blog, I got to know that there much more Blogs thinking in the same way as me… (just look around in previous posts)… unfortunatelly mostly in Spanish…

Today I think, I found one of the most interesting Blogs related to Newmont. It´s written by a 31 years old computer programmer and it´s about his father Richard Ness:

My father, Richard Ness is currently on trial in Indonesia for a crime that never happened and is currently facing ten years in prison and a US$ 60,000 fine. He is accused of polluting the environment and causing illnesses when independent studies have repeatedly confirmed that there is no environmental damage and most importantly medical analysis have established that there is no incidence of arsenic or mercury poisoning among the local community.

As reports,  with his “blog,, Eric Ness, 31, has managed to capture and sustain the attention of U.S. politicians, the international news media, the U.S. State Department, and other stakeholders that careful attention must be paid to a trial.” Well, I don´t want Ness to be in prison and I think, it´s great that the son supports his father this way. But after all I got to know about Newmont… it´s hard to trust this company. Maybe Newmont is not guilty …who know´s…but we have a saying: Who once lied, you never trust…

Mmmmhh, and I would like that the son of Isidro Llanos also could have a Blog, or the campesinos around Cajamarca… because they as well in the need to capture and sustain attention.