Aura Bogado about “Wealth and Misery in Peru´s Highlands”

The future is always uncertain, but foreign (be it the Spanish Crown or Denver-based Newmont) control of lives, resources and ideas has taken a staggering toll in Peru for five centuries. Atahualpa and Lori Berenson are names we have come to know – but there are countless others who struggle for basic human rights and dignity, and have had to pay the price of their common dreams with their lives.
That justice might not be found in a 20-year sentence with or without parole; (…) it might be lost along with the resources that Newmont Mining robs from Cajamarca daily; but it may become real the day enough people work to see it through. Enclosed in our own mental confines, we tend to easily forget history, and are sometimes bound to repeat it before we learn craft a new future.
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