Never it was easier to write  Peru’s Attorney General urging him to take steps to guarantee the
safety of GRUFIDES staff. The team of Amnesty International have provided a sample letter, but please
be encouraged to add your own thoughts.

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ather Marco Arana and Dr Mirtha Vasquez Chuquilin have received
repeated death threats and have been followed and filmed both at work
and at home. The threats and harassment appear to be directly linked to
their work for the Comprehensive Training for Sustainable Development
Group (Grupo de Formación e Integración para el Desarrollo Sostenible,
GRUFIDES), a human rights and environmental organization. GRUFIDES is
actively supporting communities opposing the Yanacocha gold mining
project following a mercury spill. Amnesty International believes their
lives, and those of others associated with GRUFIDES, may be in danger.