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The Lawyer of the arrested activists appealed to the High court in Sunyani for the High Court to overturn the decision of the Circuit Court which committed the 5 activists of WACAM to a Prison sentence for 2 weeks from 30th November and would re-appear before the Circuit Court on 11th of December 2006. The High Court in Sunyani heard the appeal for bail for the activists today(6th December 2006) and the High Court Judge refused to grant the bail and made the following statement which was captured verbatim by Hannah [WACAM Director] who was in the court in Sunyani:

” I am a little adverse to granting bail when a matter is pending at the Lower Court unless I have cause to believe that the Lower Court is not acting properly. What I don’t want to do is something that would undermine the authority of the Lower Court. The advice I have to give you is to ask for bail at the Lower court again since 11th December is so close. I may not agree with everything said, but the caution I agree with, especially in matters of riot nature. I suspect or believe that this was what the court wanted to achieve. Come back to the High court on 12TH December if application for bail is not granted by the Lower Court on 11th December. ”

The Lawyer for the arrested people contend that his clients have not infringed on any law in Ghana. The Public Order Law gives exemption to social gatherings, meeting of charitable organisations like NGOs etc which are exempted from special events which require Police permits.

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